Monday, 21 January 2013

Lose weight by eating

Welcome to the site who want to lose weight seriously.

I decided to write what I know about for many reasons, that you will find further reading my site. For now, I turn to you: you're not tired, are not you tired of enriching an industry, the industry of the diets, which thrives thanks to its lack of results? It almost seems willing to leave all overweight to continue to sell useless products and methods that will keep us forever in their orbit. Before this vicious cycle and the importance of the stakes (the well-being and health staff), losing weight becomes a project for some frustrating and distressing. We throw away a lot of money, worse than playing poker , to no avail.

In addition to the huge mass of lies given to us by unscrupulous and industrial lobbies of diets with a vengeance, we bring you alls well as colleagues and cognate talker who do not hesitate to add their personal bullshit casino general: how to lose weight fast , how to burn calories, how to consume fewer calories, burn fat as quickly, and all the other tricks that we have already proved unsuccessful. In fact, some of us managed to lose pounds (and more specifically to lose fat, because that is what counts). If you are interested in the personal experience of a person who was overweight and that it no longer is, you've come to the right place. I'm not asking a lot of time, and in any case it will be time well spent. I'll tell you, I used a food combining diet, in particular the Montignac diet (or what I understood, and that allows you to lose weight by eating): Do not wrinkle your nose, because all the evil you've heard of this diet has been said and written by people who in general has something to sell and therefore has much to gain to keep you away from who you really lose weight, instead of you damn stupid tables with total calories per day. I lost twenty pounds and several of my friends have been equally successful, so if you are tempted to read no further, think about it, maybe make a mistake.

The slimming made in an intelligent way can be a pleasure. But to lose fat and they say "bye bye" with nutrition and diet effective owe it to your health and to your loved ones. You will feel better and live better. Dear readers and dear reader, welcome to my site, where you will discover how to lose weight eating.